Monthly Updates | January 2024

Monthly Updates | January 2024

A photo collage with multiple images showing what we've got up to this month. Beach visits, coffee shop catch ups, organising, seeing a musical

Happy new year! I thought that I would start fresh for 2024 with some posts on what we get up to throughout the year.

I have really enjoyed seeing everybody's weekly photo dumps on instagram and thought I would join in with a monthly one.

So far this month, I have:

- had my 32nd birthday

- started to organise everything for upcoming conventions

- started to get outside more and make sure I am trying to hit 10,000 steps a day by visiting the beach, park or on the treadmill

- put up some new shelves in my office space so I could display my Funko Pops

- saw Six The Musical with the girls

- redesigned the packaging for my magnetic bookmarks

- had a catch up at Waterstones

- went to see The Boy and The Heron in the cinema


What did you get up to during January? Let me know below or on my socials!

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