Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers

Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers

Are you stuck trying to find a gift for your book loving friends? Look no further!
I have put together a small gift guide with some inspiration, helping you to find the perfect gift for that someone special for all occasions.

Magnetic Bookmarks

As you know, I sell magnetic bookmarks over on my site and my etsy store. Magnetic Bookmarks are so great as they won't fall out of your book and lose the pages! I am slightly addicted to making more and more of these and hope somebody would love these as a gift too.

I create all different kinds of themes from inanimate objects, to pop culture characters.

You can find these here: SHOP


Book Sleeves

So many people love taking their books on the go, but hate it when their books get damaged so why not get them an adorable book sleeve from a small business?

StitchAnnStyle has some really beautiful designs and for a great price too!

You can find these here: SHOP

A book sleeve with an all over Star Wars print featuring BB-8


Reading Related Items

There are so many different kinds of book related items over on Etsy from mugs, clothing and more! I personally love this 'I'm reading.. so bugger off' mug from Pang Creative!

You can find this here: SHOP

A white mug with the writing 'I'm reading.. so bugger off' written


Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are so popular at the moment and if they are like me, I do love to find some new great reads I wouldn't have picked up! Sites like Tea Time Bookshop have a variety of different box genres, from thriller/mystery, top 20, children's, fantasy and more..

In the boxes from Tea Time Bookshop, you will receive a number of pre-loved books, a biscuit, a tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a bookmark too! I feel like these boxes are such a great idea and lovely present ideas too.

A diagram showing what is inside a subscription box. Contents contain a tea bag, biscuit, book, bookmark or hot chocolate


One Last Note..

Do not forget that Bookshop UK give a percentage of their sales to support independent bookstores of your choice! With this year being so difficult on the book industry and almost every other industry, please consider shopping from your independent stores whenever possible! I have a storefront on Bookshop with all the books I love and am looking forward to! Here is the link for that.

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