BOOK REVIEW: She and Her Cat by Makoto Shinkai and Naruki Nagakawa

BOOK REVIEW: She and Her Cat by Makoto Shinkai and Naruki Nagakawa

My rating: 5/5

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On the outskirts of Tokyo, in a neighbourhood crossed by a commuter railway, local cats weave their way through the lives and homes of their owners as they navigate difficult times.

A cat named Chobi sends silent messages of courage to a young woman, willing her to end a faltering relationship; a gifted artist fatally misunderstands her boss's enthusiasm for her paintings; a manga fan shuts herself away after the death of her friend, while her cat Cookie hatches a plan to persuade her outside; a woman who has dedicated her life to a distant husband learns a lesson in independence from her cat.

Against the urban backdrop of humming trains and private woes, SHE AND HER CAT explores the gentle magic of the everyday. Populated by both the friendly and the feral, it reveals - with heartstopping clarity and warmth - how even in our darkest moments, community and connection may lead us to a happier place.



This was my first read of the year and I already believe it is one of my best books of the year also! A really strong contender and every time I see the cover or hear about this book, it warms my heart.

The book is split into four different stories, from four different perspectives. Each of these characters owns or comes across a cat, which then leads the story forwards. You really get to know the characters and feel for them, understand their struggles and how their feline friends help them.

It is the most heartwarming book and I always keep thinking about it and coming back to moments from the stories. Every time I see a stray cat in my garden, I think of how the cats in the book describe their territories and it has made me think of different perspectives.

All of the stories interlock and it is the most beautiful read that will make your heart swell.

If you are ever looking to gift somebody a book, cat lover or not, this is a great gift idea!

Have you read this? You definitely should!

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